CrossWorks Technology Libraries

The CrossWorks Technology Libraries present a standardized way to interact with target hardware, from single-bit I/O ports through to high-level HTTP servers. They're a great way to get your project off to a flying start using CrossWorks and a standard evaluation board because we take care of configuring everything you need: TCP/IP, sensors, GPIO, I2C, SPI, and mass storage... We're rolling out the libraries to existing boards covered by CrossWorks and new boards that continue to arrive at an unrelenting pace!

Clean APIs at every level

You'll find that your application will need to use APIs from each layer of our libraries. It may well need to dip into I2C and SPI device drivers if you have some device we haven't written a driver for. And, of course, your application may well want to communicate with the RTOS directly to make use of more than one task.

Each layer of the technology library has its API fully documented so you can use it. The documentation is online and available from our website, it's included in CrossWorks when you install a package so you can view it with Help > Contents, and it's available offline as HTML on your hard drive.

Installation is simple!

You can install CrossWorks Technology Libraries within CrossStudio using the Package Manager. Most packages are delivered as libraries of source code that add to your application. The TCP/IP and Mass Storage libraries are delivered as object code for you to evaluate. Once you're satisfied with them, you can purchase full versions with the option of library source code.