CrossWorks Support

Rowley Associates uses a ticketing help desk system to streamline its sales and support operations.

Why use a ticketing system?

We have two good reasons to use a ticketing system. The first is that the ticketing systems is a great way to track issues reported by our customers, from initial submission to final resolution. Customers can track the progress of their issues and go back to them for reference. We won't lose a ticket, and all our support staff will have instant access to the audit trail of the ticket.

The second reason is that it reduces spam. You can submit tickets on our website without creating a user account. However, if you wish to submit tickets by e-mail you will need to register for an account on our system and, only then, will we accept tickets from you by e-mail.

We believe that this is a good compromise to reduce the number of spam e-mails to our support department and serve our customers better. More time can be devoted to resolving customer issues, recovered from the time needed to remove spam.