CrossConnect Neo

CrossConnect Neo

The new CrossConnect Neo replaces the existing CrossConnect Classic. It is a JTAG and SWD debug interface for Cortex-A, Cortex-R, Cortex-M, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 processors and is compatible with CrossWorks for ARM version 3 onwards.

Operating Systems

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000 macOS 10.4 Tiger or later Linux Kernel version 2.4.20 or later with libusb 0.1.10a or later installed


PC with USB Interface

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CrossWorks Mac


A Multi-platform IDE For Embedded Microcontrollers & Microprocessors

CrossWorks is our exceptional integrated development environment for microcontrollers. It has everything you need for firmware development and includes a first-class editor, intuitive project manager, integrated flash programming and a feature-packed debugger.

With a great out of box experience, support for a wide range for microcontrollers and microprocessors, multi-core build and debug support and optimized embedded C/C++ library.

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Native C/C++ Implementation

Written by C/C++ engineers for C/C++ engineers. Small download and fast installation. Fast startup. Native x64 and arm64 versions available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Fully Integrated Debugger, Editor and Build System

Built-in and extensible flash loaders, extensive support for hardware debug probes, tracing and profiling support, Instruction set simulator, multi-core debug support.

Licensing Model

Flexible Licensing Options

Licensing and pricing to suit the way you work

Commercial, Educational and Personal licenses available