How to Purchase a Personal License

Our Personal License is for individuals such as hobbyists and students who do not make a profit from the use of CrossWorks. The license is registered to an individual and we refuse to activate a Personal License for any commercial organization. It is inappropriate for educational establishments or commercial organizations to purchase Personal Licenses.

Personal Licenses are only available through our online store. Should you wish to purchase a Personal License, please complete our Non-commercial License Agreement and send it back to us by fax, e-mail (to, or postal mail along with the completed details: we will need this on file before we activate the software you purchased online.

This product is offered as an incentive for hobbyists to tinker with electronics using professional tools. Should we find Personal Licenses being used for commercial development or for profit, we will immediately terminate the affected license and review our policy on offering Personal Licenses.

We hope that you don't abuse this privilege and have many happy hours using CrossWorks. If you want to share your projects with us, that's fabulous, we'll add your project links to our Interesting CrossWorks Projects page.

Additional Restrictions for Personal Licenses

There are additional terms associated with an educational license or personal license. In essence, you are not allowed to derive revenue based on the use of CrossWorks, either directly or indirectly.

Examples of inappropriate use, where a commercial license is required:

  • Developing an algorithm and implementation in support of a patent which is subsequently licensed for income.
  • Developing a prototype which is then adopted by a university spin-off company to be taken into production.
  • Development of any software or product on a contract basis for any organization whether commercial, research, educational, or non-profit.

Of course, these examples are not exhaustive. If you have any questions regarding the use of CrossWorks, please contact us before placing your order to ensure that you comply with our terms and conditions.

Please read our Non-commercial License Agreement.