Sentinel Driver Installation Guide

This document contains instructions for installing your SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro key so that you can use hardware-locked CrossWorks licenses. You only need to install the Sentinel drivers if you have purchased a shared license with a Sentinel SuperPro key.

In order to use your SuperPro key will need to install the Sentinel Driver, which is covered here, and the CrossWorks IDE which is covered separately.

System Requirements

Support for Sentinel drivers is provided for the following versions of Windows:

Installing the USB Drivers

Download the Sentinel Driver Installer from At the time of writing, the Sentinel driver for Windows is at version 7.5x

  1. Unzip the archive and run the Sentinel Driver Installer.

  2. Click Next to move to the licensing screen.

  3. Read and accept the License Grant/Warranty statement.
  4. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  5. Click Next to move to the Setup Type screen.

  6. Select the Custom installation option.
  7. Click Next to move to the Custom Setup screen.

  8. Open the Sentinel System Drivers folder and deselect the Parallel Driver.
  9. Deselect the Sentinel Protection Server driver.
  10. Click Next to move to the Ready to Install screen.

  11. Click Install to start the installation.

    Once installed, the InstallShield Wizard completes.

  12. Click Finish to close the Sentinel Protection Installer.

Now that the Sentinel drivers are installed, you can plug in your Sentiner SuperPro USB key. Windows will recognize the key:

Once complete, your key is ready for use: