CrossWorks for ARM V5 Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in CrossWorks for ARM version 5?

CrossWorks for ARM version 5 includes many new features and improvements including:

  • Completely rewritten and improved code completion and navigation.
  • In-place error and warning diagnostics as you type.
  • Quick fix code change suggestions.

For more information, see the release notes.

I have a CrossWorks for ARM license, am I entitled to use version 5?

  • If you purchased a CrossWorks for ARM version 4 commercial license after 13th March 2023 or had an active Software Update Assurance & Support (SUA) on the 13th March 2024 then you are entitled to a free version 5 upgrade.
  • If you have a named developer license and you are entitled to the version 5 upgrade, you will need to request a new activation key from version 5 by clicking Tools > License Manager... and selecting Request Activation After Purchasing. An existing activation key generated using version 4 will not activate version 5.
  • If you have a shared developer license and you are entitled to the version 5 upgrade, the license on the USB key will need to be upgraded before it will work with version 5. Please contact to upgrade the USB key.
  • If your commercial license SUA period has expired, you are entitled to purchase a version 5 license upgrade which is currently half the cost of the full purchase price. For details and pricing on personal and educational license upgrades, please visit our online store.