CrossWorks Integrated Development Environment

CrossWorks is our exceptional integrated development environment for microcontrollers. It has everything you need for firmware development and includes a first-class editor, an intuitive project manager, integrated flash programming, and a feature-packed debugger.

The following versions are available:

CrossWorks Technology Libraries

To help customers get a flying start with our products, we are creating a range of libraries that integrate with CrossWorks. Rather than leaving customers to find solutions for themselves, you will now find tested solutions for a wide range of boards and microcontrollers that you can install and start prototyping with immediately.

Building upon the well-proven CrossWorks Tasking library, the following libraries are offered in source form to customers:

If you need networking or mass storage, we now offer the following bolt-on libraries for CrossWorks:

Arduino and mbed

We realise that there are many hobbyists in the world that like tinkering with electronics. So do we! We've offered CrossWorks Personal Licenses to hobbyists as a way to get hold of professional-quality tools rather than hacked-together contraptions.

If you are a hobbyist and like playing with Arduino-format boards (SolderCore, Arch Pro, Cortino3RE, Olimexino-STM32, STM32-E407, Netduino Plus 2) then you will find packages for all these! And you will find the following source code library, which runs the same on on all these boards using the Platform Library, helpful: